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Download Blackest Night (TPB)

Summary: Throughout the decades, death has plagued the DC Universe and taken the lives of heroes and villains alike. But to what end? As the war between the different colored Lantern Corps rages on, the prophecy of the Blackest Night descends and it’s up to Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps to lead DC’sContinue reading “Download Blackest Night (TPB)”

Aquaman – The Atlantis Chronicles (1990) – The Deluxe Edition(2017)

Aquaman: The Atlantis ChroniclesAQUAMAN: THE ATLANTIS CHRONICLES DELUXE EDITION tells of Orin and Shalako, their descendants, and how a once-great civilization rose and fell like the tides, producing heroes and villains and culminating in the birth of the man who would grow to become the King and champion–Aquaman.Written by Peter David, Esteban Maroto (Illustrator). DCContinue reading “Aquaman – The Atlantis Chronicles (1990) – The Deluxe Edition(2017)”