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Batman: White Knight | Download Batman: White Knight Comic

Summary: He’s been called a maniac, a killer and the “Clown Prince of Crime” but “white knight”? Never. Until now…Set in a world where the Joker is cured of his insanity and homicidal tendencies, The Joker, now known as “Jack,” sets about trying to right his wrongs. First he plans to reconcile with Harley Quinn,Continue reading “Batman: White Knight | Download Batman: White Knight Comic”

DC Comics This Week (August 14,2019)

2019.08.14 DC Week+ DC Week+ for Aug 14th, 2019 consist of : Batman And The Outsiders #4 Batman Universe #2 (Of 6) Catwoman #14 Collapser #2 (Of 6) Detective Comics #1009 Event Leviathan #3 (Of 6) Flash #76 Hawkman #15 House Of Whispers #12 Justice League Odyssey #12 Titans Burning Rage #1 (Of 7) WonderContinue reading “DC Comics This Week (August 14,2019)”

The Dreaming (2018-19) | Download The Dreaming Comic Free

Summary: There is a place where stories are born. Today its walls lie slashed and bleeding. Dream has abandoned his realm, and until he is found, its residents must protect its broken borders alone. But the most senior storysmiths are tormented by invasive secrets, the warden Lucien is doubting his own mind—and beyond the gatesContinue reading “The Dreaming (2018-19) | Download The Dreaming Comic Free”

Amalgam Comics – DC / Marvel (1995-1998) (COMPLETE)

On two separate occasions – April 1996 and June 1997 – Marvel and DC co-published issues under the Amalgam Comics imprint. The issues were presented as if the imprint had existed for decades, with stories and editorial comments referring to a fictional history stretching back to the Golden Age of Comics, including retcons and reboots.Continue reading “Amalgam Comics – DC / Marvel (1995-1998) (COMPLETE)”

Divine Right – The Adventures of Max Faraday

Summary: Max Faraday was an ordinary college student who spent all his time on the Internet — until the day he accidentally downloaded the Creation Equation. Suddenly able to access to the limitless powers of the universe itself, this part-time pizza delivery boy instantly found himself the target of a secret government agency, the CodaContinue reading “Divine Right – The Adventures of Max Faraday”

Injustice Vs. Masters of the Universe

Summary: Believing He-man and the Masters of the Universe defeated, a robotic impostor has seized control of Eternia-but not for long! After freeing his kingdom from this strongman’s rule, Prince Adam learns not everyone is pleased to see the pretender deposed-but Adam knows the value of freedom. So when heroes from another dimension ask hisContinue reading “Injustice Vs. Masters of the Universe”

Justice League Odyssey #12 (2019)

The new reign of Darkseid begins in the Ghost Sector! With the death of the New Gods, he plans to use the Sepulkore to rebuild a new army, but even the great Darkseid couldn’t enslave and control the Ghost Sector alone. He’ll require the help of the New Gods’ newest heralds: Cyborg, Starfire and Azrael!Continue reading “Justice League Odyssey #12 (2019)”

Superman/Batman Vol. 1

The Story – Superman-Batman Vol. 1 Superman-Batman Vol. 1 : Superman and Batman unite when Lex Luthor assembles a team of powerhouse heroes to bring Superman in dead or alive. Then, prepare for the arrival of Supergirl! Can Darkseid recruit her into doing his bidding? Free DC Comics Download Superman-Batman Vol. 1 (2014) (426 MB) :Userscloud | Mega | Mediafire | Zippyshare

Download Crisis On Infinite Earths – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (2015)

Crisis On Infinite Earths – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (2015) : The 12-issue epic is collected in a deluxe hardcover! The mysterious Anti-Monitor has begun a crusade to end all existence. As alternate Earths are destroyed, the Monitor quickly assembles a team of heroes from across time and space to stop the menace! Read Online Link DC Comics DownloadContinue reading “Download Crisis On Infinite Earths – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (2015)”

The Sandman Vol. 1 – 10 TPB (2010-2019)

The award-winning Sandman follows the return of Dream , the personification of hopes and dreams, to his domain after being trapped and held prisoner for 70 years and his quest to regain the powers he once possessed. It also follows his family, known as the Endless. The concept of The Sandman emerged from Neil Gaiman’sContinue reading “The Sandman Vol. 1 – 10 TPB (2010-2019)”