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Old Man Logan #1 – 50 + Annual (2016-2018)

Old Man Logan #1 – 50 + Annual (2016-2018) Enter the Wastelands…a realm where all heroes have been murdered by their arch-enemies, villains who now rule over the land with an iron fist. In the midst of this dystopian chaos, one man may make a difference…a reluctant warrior who was once the greatest mutant ofContinue reading “Old Man Logan #1 – 50 + Annual (2016-2018)”

Marvel Zombies Vol. 1| Download Marvel Zombies Comic

Marvel Zombies Summary: The gory, horrifying breakout hit is back! On an Earth shockingly similar to the Marvel Universe, an alien virus has mutated the world’s greatest super heroes — into flesh-eating monsters! What happens when they run out of humans to eat? When the Ultimate Universe’s young Reed Richards unknowingly makes contact with theContinue reading “Marvel Zombies Vol. 1| Download Marvel Zombies Comic”

X-Men: Origins – The Complete Collection (TPB)

Summary: Discover the uncanny origins of some of the greatest X-Men of all! These gripping and personal tales reveal how the young mutants each gained their powers and found their way to the Xavier School — from legendary original members like Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast and Iceman; to iconic additions of the all-new, all-different eraContinue reading “X-Men: Origins – The Complete Collection (TPB)”

Weapon X: First Class | Download X-Men Comics

Summary: Before his memories were restored, Wolverine spent years seeking to unlock the mysteries of his past. Join Charles Xavier as he journeys deep into Wolverine’s mind on a quest for answers that will shed new light on one of the darkest periods of Logan’s life. A part three story that tells of Wolverine’s pastContinue reading “Weapon X: First Class | Download X-Men Comics”

Secret Invasion (Full Story Arc) | Download Marvel Secret Invasion

Summary: Skrulls have invaded the Earth, but no one is aware of their plot to… well, even we don’t know that. Join Brian Bendis and Leinil Yu as they reveal everything in this eight-issue mini-series! Comics Download Secret Invasion (Story Arc) (2005-2009)Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 2005-2009 | Size : 4.9 GB Userscloud Link Mediafire LinkContinue reading “Secret Invasion (Full Story Arc) | Download Marvel Secret Invasion”